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The CDU and the Greens agreed on a government programme. North Rhine-Westphalian Trade praises the government’s program and sees many real motives. Responsibility, realism and sustainability. stand for this trinity coalition agreement From CDU and Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, says Andrew Eilert. “It is convincing because North Rhine-Westphalia is so Clear as never before It … Read more

How the fire brigade makes you want to train.

June 27, 2022 at 6:00 pm Information day at Moers : Firefighters want training Here young people can try on the fire brigade fire equipment. Photo: Norbert Bromen Moers The successful premiere of the main station of the Moers Fire Brigade in Jostenhof. On the so-called Career Discovery Day, comrades and apprentices were available to … Read more

Young refugee from Ingelheim returns to Morocco

Young refugee from Ingelheim returns to Morocco Please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To access the news portal and see the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable the ad blocker or set an exception rule for this site. or Get a PUR subscription €2.99 per … Read more

Teachers complete their training with the city

June 27, 2022 at 5:30 pm New young professionals at Moers rate : Teachers complete their training with the city Carolina Düntgen, Sharleen Chlupka, Libuneta Ibishi, Esra Ataman and Saskia Kussel are happy to train at their various daycare centers. Photo: Moers City Moers Three young women have completed their year of recognition as teachers … Read more

Sudden problems in motorcycle training in Wolfsburg

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Overtime in training – is this allowed?

Does the trainee have to work overtime? Overtime is actually not planned Can the trainee refuse to work overtime? The company must pay the interns overtime or compensate them with vacation Vocational school time is work time The craft business is more than busy. When the demand situation is good and there is a shortage … Read more

Free housing for education: Students help school children

In Bremerhaven, seven students act as teaching companions and support the students in their learning. In turn, they can live rent-free in a dormitory. (Photo: dpa) (Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa) Bremerhaven – To some students it may seem like a dream, but for Lars Seichla it is a reality: he lives rent-free in a … Read more

The Bundeswehr and the arms industry can learn a lot from the Ukraine war: the new currency is: Operational Experience – Politics

– Heiko Borchert is co-director of the AI ​​Defense Observatory (DAIO) at Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg. Turbine Schutz, MA, research associate there. DAIO is funded by dtec.bw – the Center for Digitization and Technological Research of the German Armed Forces. Making the Bundeswehr the most capable army in Europe requires not only money in the … Read more