Ach: How a large family of ten struggles during times of pandemic

First of all: what Sabrina and Ralph Lorij have achieved is remarkable and deserves great respect. They have eight children together: Laurentius (21), Leander (20), Laetitia (18), Liliana (14), Livarius (12), Leonore (10), Landelin (7) and Linus (3). With love, strength, energy and artistic creativity, they raise their children to become the citizens of tomorrow. … Read more

Corona in Wolfsburg, Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – Vaccination campaign in Vienna

Wolfsburg.The rate of coronavirus infection in Wolfsburg has almost doubled again: according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it was 1,337.2 on Wednesday (the day before: 707.4). There have been 905 new infections and seven deaths linked to the virus. Read more after the announcement Read more after the announcement The Robert Koch Institute reported … Read more

Rhedeberg: Witches are on fire | Sä

Plus RADEBURG 27/04/2022 And 16:25 witches in fire In several places in Radeburg and the surrounding area, fires flared up again on Saturday. to choose. by Thomas Dirndl 4 minutes After breaking Corona for two years, burning witches are finally back. Many clubs invite you to spend the winter in Rödertal. © SZ . Archive … Read more

Medical practice on four wheels – Berliner Morgenpost

Ukraine Medical practice on four wheels 27/04/2022, 15:19 | Reading time: 4 minutes The bus is equipped like a normal doctor’s office picture: Maurizio Gambarini / Funky Photo Service In Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf, there is a mobile medical clinic that takes care of Ukrainian refugees BVG EFO fstufo Cmjdl tjfiu x BAT xjf FJO HBO {opsnbmfs … Read more

Swimming gets cooler in Helden

April 27, 2022 at 1:25 pm Stadtwerke Hilden saves energy : Swimming gets cooler Anyone who swims long distances in a jungle pond as of May 9 will be swimming in water warm of 23 degrees Celsius – two degrees colder than normal. Photo: Anne Authen (Venue) Holden Public utilities reduce swimming pool heating to … Read more

Then the reward of the Corona child must come

financial assistance This year, the government supports all citizens due to many crises and challenges that make the cost of living more expensive for us. It finally becomes clear when the Corona Child Bonus for families will come and there is news for ALG II recipients. The Corona Child Bonus should come as a family … Read more

Refugee absorption: many municipalities are feeling overwhelmed

Status: 04/27/2022 08:53 AM According to a survey conducted by Mainz Report Overburdened or even overburdened when accommodating refugees. Without private housing offers, the situation would be worse. By Claudia Kavank and Alexandra Van de Poel, SWR According to a survey of Germany’s 100 largest cities, nearly 41 percent of respondents feel burdened or overburdened … Read more

Foreign children learn German at Börßum Primary School

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