Film tips for this weekend: “Love for Peace – Bertha von Suttner and Alfred Nobel” with Birgit Minnechmeyer

Still looking for a recommendation for a successful TV evening? Then you’ve come to the right place: we bring you the best movies of the day. Allow yourself to be surprised and see if something is up for you. This coming weekend we picked nine feature-length films to watch Free TV Broadcasting: From 8:15 pm, … Read more

Semino Rossi: New Album, Old Love

a meal. Simino Rossi has returned to the ball, both personally and professionally. In an interview, he reveals why he wants to stay in Tirol – and where he loves to ride a motorcycle. Pop singers are not so easily: they sing about love day in and day out, giving fans romantic feelings. But it’s … Read more

“Vip, Vip Hooray!”: Mats Hummels’ love affair with three women

Britney Spears is pregnant, J Lo and Ben Affleck say yes, and so are Dieter Hallervorden and Mats Hummels on dating that makes social media fun all days. “Vip, Vip Hooray!” – The weekly summary of the stars is here. Sometimes the rumor mill feels so much that there isn’t much left and it boils … Read more

Wieduwilts Week: Is Katzenkanzler out of the house

The dispute over arms deliveries to Ukraine is straining the traffic light. The chancellor’s criticism comes from the ruling parties as if they are still in the opposition. Who does not dream of Jamaica? If you want to cover the Berlin Political Guard with animal comparisons on the occasion of the Rabbit Festival, and frankly, … Read more

30 most beautiful sayings about love

Love quotes provide a beautiful basis for expressing feelings in an eloquent way. The following 30 quotes go straight to the heart and can be used as a file Inspiration for a small love letter to your partner to serve. 15 love quotes from movies, songs and books Whether on the big screen, in songs, … Read more

The ordeal of Monica Schumann of Friesing: Love helped

Homepage Sweetened Freising Freising creature: 04/15/2022, 07:00 AM split, rip It’d be cool: Monica and Robert are already looking forward to Robbie Williams’ concert in Munich this summer. © Private Monica Schumann of Freising suffered a series of strokes. She was saved by the love of her partner – and the Phoenix Club. This is … Read more

Wash your feet in Hamburg Reeperbahn

DOMRADIO.DE: Clad in their robes, they appear tonight as chaplains at the Reeperbahn, an unusual place for washing feet. Why is there? Emilia Handke (initiator and director of The Church in Dialogue): Because people are there. The number of people who come to our services is dwindling and we want to be a church where … Read more